Community-based Nursing Practice

Innovative Nurse Roles


Nurses and health care delivery organizations are innovating new roles and functions to respond to current and future needs.  Herein is an exploration of innovation. . .

Congregational Nursing Practice


 You can implement a nursing practice to promote health and respond to illness right in your faith community

with the aid of this tool kit. 

C-PHN Competency Assessment Tool


“Perceptions and Realities of C/PHN Academic Preparation for Population-focused Employment” is a multi-level, dual purpose tool for both education and practice.

Promoting Well-Being


 Health is not just the absence of disease, but a balanced state of well-being resulting from harmonious interaction of body, mind, and spirit.

Many resources here!

Framing & Motivating


How do you help individuals, families, groups change their behavior(s) toward health and well being?  

The keys to successful decision making: 

Framing and Motivating skills.

Intervention Case


Taking Control is a comprehensive nicotine addiction recovery intervention modeling a wholistic approach with the principles on this site.  What sets it apart from many other tobacco cessation programs is the focused and motivational case management design--engaging community members in inviting, mentoring, and later coaching the  nicotine-addicted individual into a new, clean lifestyle.