Transform Your Health: Get Over Nicotine



 For 14 days friendly, persuasive voices will guide you through a possibly shaky beginning by helping you to establish your determination to make this important and beneficial life change successful.  You will hear and see the good news of how you may recover and reap benefits through quitting. Each day you receive instructions about your daily routine with advice about making beneficial changes in your lifestyle environment, association with others, workplace, and time.  


Praise is liberally given by the message of your program coaches; your value is reinforced. You will learn and practice new life goals of wellness by developing a lifestyle of regular exercise, quality diet, valuable relaxation techniques, coping with stress, building better relationships with others, reaching out to your community to help others, and, for those who choose the optional component, strengthening the bond with your Heavenly Power Source--God. 


It is the intention of FrameWork Health to facilitate the restoration of the image of God in the portrait of man by:

  1. Expressing love and concern for fellow humans struggling with addiction to nicotine. 
  2. Individualizing by assessment and intervention the needs of individuals seeking assistance in behavior change.
  3. Offering a spiritual dimension to decision-making and life change practice that is capable of effecting optimum health and quality of life.
  4. Implementing an outcome-based wholistic health promotion intervention utilizing audio/visual, telecommunication, and internet technology.
  5. Operating a reliable and valid model of intervention worthy of replicability anywhere in the world.

CMATCH* - Taking Control Features

 1. 14 Daily instructional video messages that do more than inform about the harmful effects of tobacco use in all its forms, they provide healthy and scientifically effective life practices and strategies to replace the urge for nicotine-laden, life-robbing products.  
2.  Illustrated Reinforcement on printed matter or on the Website           
3.  Nutritional Plan to Aid Quitting
4.  Guidance to Household and Friend Supporters
5.  Advice to Youth and Young Adults
6.  Optional Advice to Caregivers
7.  Suggestions of Judeo-Christian encouraging support
8.  Workshop kit for the supporting organizational team 

9.  Scripted follow-up coach calls  

* Case Managed Approach to Tobacco Cessation Help

Strategy for Best Benefit

Research has demonstrated that the most effective way to quit tobacco use and overcome addiction to nicotine is to be supported closely by helping individuals, who will encourage and provide accountability to the individual over at least a month.  Therefore, this program is available to the participant,  faith groups and other helping organizations FREE.  


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