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Our Health Mission

 This site is supported by Framework Health, Inc., a non-profit health promotion and education-focused company founded and located in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.  Linda Royer, an experienced practitioner and nurse educator, is the founder and manager of the Dimensions in Learning website.  It's purpose is:

  • to give access to individuals seeking help in lifestyle practices
  • to showcase professional health-related interests in education assets (course-building, curriculum planning, workshops).
  • to serve as a nexus for promoting research, program development, initiatives related to nursing workforce capacity-building, particularly in community health nursing
  • to showcase research activities in nursing and in health promotion

So, what is the F R A M E?

F = Freedom

R = Restoration

A = Appreciation

M = Meaning

E = Experience

Health is a gift and a privilege emanating from the grace of our Creator.  We are stewards of our health, which therefore requires that we learn how to preserve it, conserve its assets, and improve it against the influences of an imperfect world. 

Maintaining health requires knowledge about strategies that include components of the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual realms.  All individuals are subject to biopsychosocial and environmental stress and may display various symptoms which they will evaluate or ignore.  Certain lifestyle practices are employed in response to human stress experience that are life-promoting or deleterious.  These practices may be overeating, overworking, indolence, substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, tobacco), etc.  Individuals make irrational decisions or become subject to indecision and require assistance toward health according to their interest, motivation, and determinism.

FrameWork Health professionals believe that God's desires for His created children is to reflect His image through lifestyle and express His love through service.  The power lies in God's interest in His human family and His ability to strengthen their resolve in efforts of change, in their attitude and thinking, and in their alteration of behavior.  For that reason FrameWork Health is pledged to facilitate the restoration of health in individuals through the production and presentation of  education programming and the conduct of motivation services that employ wholistic life-changing principles for assisting individuals to reach their maximum potential and experience quality of life.  Emphasis is placed on learning how to make critical judgements about one's lifestyle behavior and how to realize positive change through a system of caring social support.


Experience and Professionalism

 With years of experience,  Linda and her associates understand the importance of educating individuals on the most effective ways to improve and maintain your quality of life. 

See her credentials below.



Your comments, suggestions, contributions to nursing practice in the context of the Mission are welcome.

You may reach me by:

Email - Linda@FrameWorkHealth.org

Phone - 540.333.2412

Linda's Credentials


Educational Achievement

Bachelor's in Science of Nursing, Southern Adventist University, TN, 1966

Master's in Public Health, Loma LInda University, 1985

Master's in Science of Nursing, University of Virginia, 1996

Master's Certificate in Nursing Education, 2005

Doctor of Philosophy, George Mason University, 2010

Certificate - Faith Community Nursing 2020

Dissertation Topic

 Survey research regarding public health nurses’ perceptions of their work and their workplace in the context of empowerment and commitment and intent to stay in the job.  

Primary Career Objectives

To promote health and advance the roles of health professional students through teaching, research, and development of innovative programs and courses which prepare graduates for leadership. To accomplish this, I aim to apply knowledge and skill in developing curriculum and courses, teaching, planning and leading workshops, creating innovative health promotion initiatives, and facilitating collaborative community relationships, and conducting meaningful research. To promote health in the community and ultimately globally, through education, wellness programming, research, and published works as evidenced by my website: www. LivingSmart.Live.

Secondary Objectives

 To facilitate the development of professional commitment, empowerment, and cultural and ethnic proficiency in students across the spectrum of education and seasoned practice, facilitating visionary opportunities for innovation in health promotion.

To engage in program and service development efforts that will educate and intervene in circumstances of health disparity and vulnerability to accident or disease. 



· Doctoral degree in well-rounded professional nursing curriculum focusing on administration, policy, ethics, research and nursing education.  Dissertation was on topic of Community/Public Health Nurses' perceptions of their work experience. 

· Master’s level certification in Nursing Education 

· Wrote Concept Analysis in Cultural Competency 

· Professional organization development skills 

· Nursing program and curriculum development and evaluation; accreditation procedures 

· Six years of in-class face-to-face teaching undergraduate nursing students 

· 14 years facilitating BSN students’ learning online in community health, leadership and management, research, health policy and access to care, and nursing informatics. 

· Website development experience design, content, and maintenance 

· Writing: scholarly papers, reports, electronic communication, coursework 

· Primary and Secondary research, particularly in nursing workforce capacity and health promotion to adults 50+; alert to funding opportunities; experience in grant applications 

· Audio editing for internet broadcasting; Newsletter editing; Social media


Clinical practice covered Med-Surg, Peds, ICU, Orthopedics; Public Health, School Nursing, Home Health, Street Clinic Director.

Professional Organizations:  Faith Community Nursing Network, American Nurses' Foundation, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, partner in Healthy CommUnity Council in Harrisonburg, VA