What Evolving Employment Options Does a Nurse Have?

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Are You a Visionary?

 One of the 4 key messages coming out of "the Future of Nursing" (IOM, 2010) is "Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training."  Complementary to that is the call for broadening the scope of practice to fill gaps in health care access.  So nurses and health care delivery organizations are innovating new roles and functions to respond to current and future needs.  I am particularly interested in community-based practice. 

Are you a visionary, an entrepreneur?

I am engaged in collecting job descriptions, organization mission statements, and telephone interviews wherever possible, as well as comments from this website, in order to develop a case for recruitment and retention in the profession of nursing through building awareness of amazing opportunities.  A publication has already been released to whet your appetite . . .

The Book . . .

 "What Emerging, Evolving Employment Options Does a Nurse Have?"is an exploration of innovation ideas for positions in community settings, based on 39 respondents to an internet survey and sleuthing on recruiter websites and other sources for available job descriptions.  What a treasure trove of opportunity!  I just must share it with you.  

Nursing students, active nurses in stressful settings who seek a change, older nurses who want to continue contributing to the practice at an easier physical pace, nurses limited by a disability, and more should be introduced to this resource of hope. 

How Prepared are You?

So, how prepared are you (or friend, colleague, student) to work in the community in any of these professional positions.  An inventory of standard knowledge of community-based practice will inform you.  And you can engage in that in this book!  "Assessment Tool of Nurses & Their Perceptions of Competency for Community-based Nursing Practice"  is in the back of the book. 

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The Survey Research goes on . . .

 If you missed out on the opportunity to contribute your experience to the first Survey study, it is not too late.  You may go to  the Evolving Nurse Roles Survey  right here to mark it.  I would love to collect more information to share with a broad sweep of individuals interested in what nurses do.

It will be open until November 1, 2019.  Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Advancing Population Health Practice

 It isn't just community-based Public Health anymore. Health leaders are recognizing that health and wellness takes place best in the community.  Tell your colleagues, students, friends, and family who have nursing practice on the mind about this booklet of 38 pages.  In it the first phase of this study and resulting testimonies are described. Added to that are:

  • Innovation, Intrapreneurship, and Entrepreneurship in the context of nursing practice are defined
  • Health Promotion and Healthcare Delivery Landscape is described
  • Transitional Care movement is described
  • 48 Evolving Roles of Nursing Practice positions are descriptively displayed on a table 
  • Finally, practical considerations in making a change are discussed