Empowering the Congregational Nurse

How to Start Your own Practice

 Society is at the nexus of economic instability and debt burden, inadequate planning for health and for healthcare services, aging health professional workforces, increasing immigration, job losses, rising healthcare costs, uncertain insurance coverage putting individuals and families at risk for catastrophic illness or injury, emerging infectious diseases, and natural and man-made accidents and disasters.  Working from “upstream” is a wise strategy, which is where nurses wish to be. However, Community Health Nurses (CHNs) are challenged by budget constraints and diminishing workforce capacity to optimally perform their core functions of surveillance, assurance of care, and health promotion.  They need assistance from their colleagues in the community who are potential partnering nurses.  This collaboration is key to bringing about seamless health care delivery for now and the future. . .

What a time for nursing!  Nurses have the knowledge, skills, and willingness to intervene for quality of life. We are in great demand!  Diligent efforts of nursing leaders, practitioners, educators, and students have increased the awareness of the value of nurses among the public, legislators, and health care leaders. In the face of opportunity, there are obstacles in our path: (1) a decreasing capacity (faculty) and space for educating nurses—leading to fewer licensure candidates, (2) aging of the nursing workforce with impending retirement (average age 47 years), (3) only a modest return of inactive nurses to the workforce, (4) a turnover rate of 17%. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections 2012-2022 released in December 2013, Registered Nursing (RN) is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2022. The RN workforce is expected to grow from 2.71 million in 2012 to 3.24 million in 2022, an increase of 526,800 or 19%. The Bureau also projects the need for 525,000 replacements nurses in the workforce bringing the total number of job openings for nurses due to growth and replacements to 1.05 million by 2022.     [From the American Association of Colleges of Nursing . . . for more go to ]

Our marching orders are laid out for us, nurses: capitalize on caring, on collaboration, on leadership skill-building, on continuity, on innovation.

Empowering the Congregational Nurse: 

Implementing a Faith Community Nursing Practice

--A Conveniently Bundled Tool Kit of 3 volumes in one book

Volume 1  provides theory, rationale, and method for producing the nursing practice.   

Volume 2 is the Operations Manual to guide in the "business" and human relations of the venture from a community perspective.

Volume 3  is a health promotion tool entitled "What It Really Means to be Healthy!" 

For only $56 you may obtain this bundled book this way:

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Imagine . . . faith-based church nurses bring health and healing.


You can implement a nursing practice to promote health and give supervision to the ill 

right in your local church/synagogue/faith community!

Spirituality in Nursing Practice


Reflections on Loving God in Nursing


Completely loving God in nursing with all our being becomes

the basis of our calling. What does it mean to love God with “heart, soul,

mind, and strength”? 

The author, Carrie Dameron, examines each concept separately in Part 1, although together

they represent a comprehensive view of one’s self. In Part 2 she provides personal practice examples of common struggles and success in loving difficult patients.

Spiritual Care: Evangelism at the Bedside?


Dr. Elizabeth J. Taylor explores the “ethics” of providing spiritual care to the patients we serve. She responds to questions of appropriateness, in that, should the subject be raised if the patient has not raised it first? Is it “evangelizing” of one’s own faith? Could it be conceived as manipulative? Is it being arrogant? What is “witnessing”? Guidance is given in the approach, the presentation of spiritual ideas, the attitude and language, the follow-through. Inspiring!

More Coming Soon . . .