FrameWork & Framing Motivation

Why the Name FrameWork Health?


The name  FrameWork Health alludes to the FRAMES Model of Motivational Interviewing (MI) developed by Samet, Rollnick, & Barnes (F=Feedback, R=Reframe, A=Advise, M=Menu of options, E=Empathy, S=Self-efficacy)1,2.  

The principles of of MI have become deftly incorporated in effective communication strategies, health promotion and behavior change, and subsequently, in leadership practices. The complexity of health care systems and avenues of delivery of care, the multiple professionals who contribute to healing, and the diverse characteristics of patients demand clarity, transparency, and exercise of various intelligences (Gardner -, including the more recent addition to the theoretical field--Emotional Intelligence (Goleman - 


I want to introduce you to an excellent website for emerging nurse leaders where you may converse (it's a blog) about concerns in today's workforce, learn about helpful resources for leadership, and enjoy the benefits of a community of professionals in your shoes.  It is The Emerging RN Leader --  I found a review there of a book entitled "Nursing Leadership and the Power of Framing" --  good stuff.

In our company, FrameWork Health we have modified FRAME to the rubric of:

F = Freedom from addictive/deleterious behavior

R = Restoration of health through quality living

A = Appreciation for personal strengths, creative power of God,

 and Divine intervention through human sources

M = Meaningful life purpose

E = Experience of efficacy through helping relationships

I hope you will find inspiration in this concept and make comment in the window below.


1.  Emmons K. M., Rollnick S.  “Motivational Interviewing in Health Care Settings: Opportunities and Limitations.”  American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2001:20(1), pp. 68-74.

2.  Samet J. H., Rollnick S, Barnes H.  “Beyond CAGE: A Brief clinical Approach After Detection of Substance Abuse.” Archives of Internal Medicine, Vol. 156, Nov 11, 1966, pp. 2287-2293.